Any engineer can make complicated things but it takes a great engineer to make things simple. We solve industrial scale engineering problems through the best of global innovation made mighty in America.

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How we work

Following a streamlined process refined over decades, our end-to-end capabilities encompass everything from complete R&D services to the timely delivery of assembly-ready parts. Upholding our Milson Promise, we ensure your components are delivered on-time and in-spec. Furthermore, we guarantee availability precisely when you need it. We become an extension of your team.

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End-to-end capabilities

We solve industrial scale engineering problems through the best of global innovation and working in true partnership with our customers. Our end-to-end capabilities start with R&D to make your product/machine/component more efficient; and cover the manufacturing and on-time and on-spec delivery of assembly ready parts; right through to even holding inventory so it’s available when you need it.

We are real engineers and foundrymen but with a fresh approach.

We’ve worked with many of the same partners since 1947, so we must be getting something right. Many of the people you’ll deal with at Milson have a stake in the business so you can be sure our commitment to partnership is genuine. Here’s why customers choose Milson:

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Simply better to work with

We strive to be easy to work with by always delivering on our promises and collaborating with our customers.

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World leading R&D

Secure your future with innovative research and development carried out in our US and New Zealand facilities.

Experts you can rely on

We have over four generations of foundry experience, and dedicated engineers and quality assurance team in-house.

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Global capacity, regional agility

With distribution from Madison Heights MI, we offer continuity of supply and fast delivery so you can reduce your inventory.

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    Milson products are everywhere!

    Our roots were founded in agriculture, and we soon also dominated the ground engaging market. Today, we’ve grown to service a wide variety of industries - including mining, forestry, and construction - with an array of products that are trusted every day over the world (in fact, you’ll find them on every continent except Antarctica - but we’re working on that!)

    Interested in working with Milson Foundry?

    If you’re passionate about quality, innovation and simplicity, you’ll fit right in with us.

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