Supply chain

We service customers worldwide with a special emphasis on the USA. With distribution from Madison Heights MI, we offer continuity of supply and fast delivery.

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Smart technology

Global capacity, regional agility, reduced risk

Our network of manufacturing facilities has been chosen for their technological expertise, strategic locations, and production efficiency. This ‘global safety net’ offers the flexibility to mitigate risks from a turbulent geo-political landscape, so you can be confident we will always deliver.

Just in time

Just-in-time component storage

Our objective is in-spec and on-time, exemplified by our just-in-time component storage approach. This means that resources and materials are stored and managed with precision and care at our facility. Components are available exactly when required, eliminating long lead times, and ensuring your part is delivered in-spec.

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Shipping and distribution support

We go the extra mile to provide shipping and distribution support. Our goal is to make the supply chain process as seamless and reliable as possible. Whether it's local or global distribution, we're equipped to handle it, so you can focus on what matters most - your project's success.


On-site quality facility

Quality is not an afterthought in our supply chain, it's integrated. Our on-site quality facility is equipped to verify the quality and compliance of components, ensuring they meet your standards. This approach guarantees that all components are assembly ready.

On time

On-time delivery

Timely delivery is a promise we take seriously. We understand that your demands and schedules are critical, and we work with you to align our supply chain with them. We understand what it takes to get your product to you in-spec and on-time.

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