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Based on your application, our testing includes computer modeling, simulations and physical examinations in real-world applications, plus material, mechanical, chemical and structural tests.

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    Documentation and reporting

    Documentation and reporting form the foundation of our quality and testing procedures. We maintain detailed records to monitor and assess the entire manufacturing process, providing transparency and accountability at every step. We create unique procedures for your individual applications. 


    All parts undergo a multi-layered quality assurance system, including a detailed review by our production team located at the manufacturing facility, and a final check in our MI warehousing and quality facility. Accurate measurements are achieved through a number of calibrated devices and equipment, such as our 3D scanning and CMM services, ensuring each component is in-spec and assembly ready. Reports are created and are provided to our customers with each order. 

      Testing capabilities

      Testing capabilities

      To ensure confidence in your part, our testing capabilities encompass a wide range of parameters, including material specification, mechanical properties, chemical properties, dimensional accuracy, and structural integrity.


      We understand the importance of safeguarding your project's sensitive data, so we prioritize the protection of your data and intellectual property. Your trust in our confidentiality measures is our top priority.

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