Milson products are everywhere! We’ve grown to service a wide variety of industries with an array of products that are trusted every day the world over on every continent.

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    Global capacity, regional agility, reduced risk

    We service customers worldwide with a special emphasis on the USA. With distribution from Madison Heights MI, we offer continuity of supply and fast delivery so you can reduce your inventory. We will customize your preferred supply option from JIT to inventory and warehousing management. Our network of manufacturing facilities has been chosen for their technological expertise, strategic locations, and production efficiency. This ‘global safety net’ offers the flexibility to mitigate risks from a turbulent geo-political landscape, so you can be confident we will always deliver.


    Technical review & Design

    We don’t design anything until we fully understand its desired use. Our thorough technical review phase upfront ensures our experts have all the necessary information to identify and solve any potential problems before defining the best materials and techniques for an efficient result, and developing a refined prototype.

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    Prototype refinement

    The initial resin prototype will help to answer a lot of your questions and possibly raise some more. So we run a constant feedback cycle through all stages of a project so that together we can collaborate and create a product that meets or exceeds your objectives.


    Pre-production management

    With dimensional accuracy assured, our specialist R&D foundry then uses rapid prototyping techniques to create the first casts of the design. You’ll then receive full quality samples of your product ready for testing and perfecting.

    Testing capabilities


    Based on your application, our testing includes computer modelling, simulations and physical examinations in real-world applications. This is in addition to material, mechanical, chemical and structural tests. We use these results to undergo further refinement as necessary to ensure the optimum solution.


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