Design & engineering

Whether we start from scratch or work off a scan of your prototype, we use CAD drawing, 3D modelling, and rapid prototyping to adapt and advance the design.

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We specialize in making the complex simple.

We solve industrial scale engineering problems through the best of global innovation made mighty in America. Following a streamlined process refined over decades, our end-to-end capabilities encompass everything from complete R&D services to the timely delivery of assembly-ready parts.

On-site value-add consult

We’re experts in metals, casting and manufacturing. We visit your site to understand your business, challenges and products so we can more value through product improvements and cost savings.

CAD design services

Our CAD design services utilize the latest technology and industry-proven practices to bring your product design to life with precision and efficiency.

Weldment to cast conversions

Our engineers can meet on-site with yours to review products and determine how we can help reduce parts and welding by converting weldments to castings to save money and overcome the welder shortage.

DFM (Design for manufacture)

Our experienced engineers conduct design for manufacture reviews that help with assembly issues and part reduction (to reduce complexity) and can assist increased production output.

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Finite element analysis (FEA) and CFD simulations

Utilize finite element analysis (FEA) and CFD simulations to predict deformations, residual stresses, and analyze various aspects of metal casting. This includes addressing issues like part distortion, microstructure, and defect detection. Additionally, load analysis can be performed to identify areas where product strength can be enhanced and weight can be reduced, ultimately increasing product output. These assessments ensure your part is going to withstand the environment it is used in. 

Fit, form and function

Industrial design improves the fit, form, and function of the product, which increases product usability and perceived value. This enhanced customer experience builds brand loyalty and repeat business.

Material selection

Our metallurgist ensures selected materials meet specific product requirements, considering factors like strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance, which is vital for product performance and longevity.


Prototyping is a key step in turning your ideas into a tangible reality. It lets you evaluate and improve your designs before moving to production. We offer various prototyping options to suit your needs.

Project management services

We take care of it all with our project management services. Every aspect of your project is carefully monitored from start to finish to ensure it meets your unique expectations.

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